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August 2007

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Day 1

After introducing myself I got the plant I was looking for. It was given to me by a druid who lives on the forest, named Vadania, she was kind enough to lead me and the other three out of the forest. She also agreed to let me take the plant with me.

 Before we left, another elf (a warrior or something) came along and did some sign to the dwarf and the dwarf left immediately. The druid, the human, named Dorian, the warrior whose name is Batusai, and myself take off by noon.

 On the road we ran into an old man, injured and very weak. He died because of some sort of brewer someone gave to him. Before he died, he told me something quite odd.

 "The one that the prophecies says it was not suppose to arrive has come, he seeks the same as you"

He also say that this entity was in the east.

Valadia did something (i suspect she used an animal for this) and she told us there was a carriage and an injured horse towards north, following the road.  We took off to the direction she told us.

After walking some time, we sat to eat. Then some strangers (lizard folks) attacked us, after some confrontation they told us about some creatures (looking like humans or elfs) have been attacking them. Taking all kinds of creatures to their nest.  The nest was located somewhere in the east, the lizzard folks didn't went in that direction. They also mentioned that some other tribe of lizzard folks have attacked them, but this was regular since no all lizzard folks get along.

We decided to move forward and get as soon as possible to aid the travelers in the carriage. We was heading to the location when we ran into Tordek who was figthing against some individuals. The carriage was not burning and all horses were dead. Tordek managed to kill two of the individuals. There were other three enemies hidding in the trees, two at the right and one on the left. I was getting ready to defend myself when an acher hit Batousai and left him unconscious. Then a spellcaster make the ground to move, Dorian managed to jump out of the spell area, but Batousai got in the middle of it. Me and Dorian try to rescue Batousai in the end we managed to do it, giving me some time to attack the spellcaster. I managed to hurt him/her but it left.

All alive enemies escaped, after ensuring we were all fine. Tordek started to look for items and money among the corpses. Before he started Dorian ask for his attention, inside the carriage was a person lying on the floor. It was an elf, a female elf with royal clothes. I recognized her face. She was Shaina, my mistress, my mentor... I remember something... someone was to meet me on the road after I took the plant. She was there, I was suppose to be there... I get closer to her, she was in an odd position, she looked back attacked. She was a very powerful sorcerer and she was killed, some one cut her neck and inscribed runes on her body. I tried to hug her one last time, but when I touch her I felt cold in the hands and her body disappeared leaving a brown splash on the ground. I try to scream, buy no sound came out of my mouth, I just wanted to disappear, I have failed my mistress.