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August 2007

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Day 2

Today I'm blue. I still can't understand how the sun can rise after yesterdays events. I'm tired. Tordek found three potions within the remains of the carriage and the bodies. I intend to identify the potions or they will have no use.

Tordek is a bit absent he knew my mistress from somewhere, I haven't ask him yet, neither I want to know yet. Dorian has been singing all day, trying to easy us all. I think he doesn't understand the pain of losing some one you love and is very close to you. Shaina didn't raised me from start, but she was my best friend and confident. She told me we would find out  what happened to my town. And above all I don't know what to do whit this plant... SinnWeiss. I don't recall her mentioning the plant before. She wrote the name and show me a drawing. But she asked me to memorized it. SinnWeiss...

Batousai is strange, he keeps aside of others and only has contact with Tordek. He's too affected by Shaina's death. The only one that seems not so affected is Vadania. She feels nature has been broken and she's concerned about that.

The day has come to an end, I have successfully Identified the potions. These are healing potions.  I have the felling we're gonna need those.