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August 2007

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Fawkes arrival

When I found out my village was deserted I felt very sad and abandon. I couldn't stay there, so I camped a little far from the village. My thoughts were with my family. My father was a skilled fighter as well as my older brother, who was a paladin. My sister was a rogue, she was very cleaver and cunning. The one I'm worried the most is my little brother. Hope all of my family is at safe.

Before I took off to go back to my mistress home I went to take a last view of the village. There in the ruins I saw the most oddly thing, a cat. It was odd because my people didn't like cats at all. They didn't despite them, but they prefer cats to be away of the village. The cat was there, scared and obviously starving. I gave him a bit of my food and he ate. He then curled on my lap, until it was time for me to get going. I sensed the cat was following me along the path. It was good for me to have company while saying good bye to my beloved village.

When I got back to home, I focused on training, specially on my archery. I was learning to shoot fire arrows and arrows with stones attached to them. Not everything came out as I intended, some times I felt useless. During my remained train years, I noticed cats were all around. I whenever I felt lonely or in need of a friend a cat came across my path and I remembered the abandon kitten on my village, He wouldn't let me bring him with me. Every few years a cat came to my bedroom and stay for a while, one or two days, some times an entirely week. There wasn't the same cat every time. Some times it was a siames cat, other it was a black cat or a golden tabby cat. It was a kitten or a fully grown up cat, even an elder. The cats keep visiting once a year, some times skip 5 years. Every time a cat was with me, I felt comforted. I could talk to them even if they couldn't answer back, I felt better just by having a kitten near. It was almost like talking to my brother or my mother.

All of the sudden the cats stop coming. It was eight years before I found a orange-red-caramel tabby cat kitten in a box outside magician school. I took it with me and keep it secret for two months, until my mistress found the kitten playing in the main hall. I beg her not to get rid of the cat. She said, 'if he is so special to you, you'll take care of him as he takes care of you'. I was happy, I didn't quite understand my mistress words, get to understand those words. I started dreaming of my cat, and seeing his whereabouts in my dreams. I also started to sense his feelings. After a while I started to sense his thoughts and feelings while I was awake. Recently I discover I could ask him to let me see or sense a little bit more, I can see what he's seeing and sense his feelings. I'm not quite good at interpreting his vision but we're starting to understand each other. Once Shaina told me something I starting to understand.  'You and Fawkes are connected, Fawkes is here to help you out. He only ask you to take care of him. Be careful because both can be hurt by each one injuries or lost'

I don't understand much, but I know I love my cat. He's my best friend