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August 2007

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Fawkes arrival

I was 100 years old. For some reasons I respected animals and nature a little more than my family. I often asked my father if I could get a small pet as company for the times he and my oldest brothers were away. He refused every time I asked, he said animals were nasty creatures and useless in combat except for horses and other cargo beasts.

It was spring when my father and my brothers left, they were summoned by the king. I felt lonely for some time, the village was almost deserted since many men were out with my father. Maybe the lack of sound and movement make me notice it. It was hiding behind a barrel, visible only by its bright eyes. It was scared, or so I thought, he kept an eye on me all the time, like being told to do so. It was alone, the only one of its kind in the village, my people didn't exactly liked it. I called it, but it didn't come out. At the time I thought it was being cautious, I don't think so any more. I didn't want it to get noticed and therefore being hurt, so I left with intentions of coming back later on.

I got back near nightfall with food for it. It was gone. It wasn't anywhere near. I called it, -stupid, it didn't get close the first time- Hoping it will return, I left some food near the barrel and went back home. Next morning I saw it again, near my house. It was staring, like waiting for someone to go and get it. It was daylight and I could see it properly. It was a silver tabby cat, skinny, with its eyes fixed upon my house. It was a little older than a kitten, and now I could see, it was hurt. I went out and took it. I told my mother I will go to the forest to play. I took the cat to my "hidden" place, a cave visible from the watch tower.  I feed the cat, I now knew it was a he, I clean it up as for the injuries, I didn't know how, I just wished I could do something to heal him up. I started to pat him, he was warm, after a while its wounds healed.

Day after day I took care of him, we became friends. One day, I just called him, Fawkes and he was there, so it was his name, Fawkes. After a year or so, my father came back, I tried to be carefully but the guards have seen me with the cat. He said nothing. After my father returned, Fawkes started to be away for a while, but some times, while I was sleeping I could see what he was doing. After a while I could see even if I was awake. There were many years after that I learned how to ask Fawkes to show me his thoughts, emotions and what he was seeing. He has been with me since I was 100 years old, I wonder, how many years does cats live? He's definitely my best friend.