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August 2007

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Once we arrived to Tree Hill town I remembered my own home town. It was a little far from the city in the middle of the forest. The houses were made mainly of wood and ropes, some were made of rocks. And daily clothes were very simple made of light brown and light green fabrics. I later learned that I got my skills from blood heritage. I suspects one of my mothers ancestors was magic handler. She never speaks of her family, she's not from the same village as my father.
I left when I was 320 years old. I intended to come back home often, however my duties keep me busy.  It was until 60 years after I could go to visit my family. When I got there I found out the village was abandon . The houses were very decayed it seems like the village was abandoned several hundred of years ago. I could sense magic there, I didn't need to use my abilities, but that was normal, since some of my relatives and friends could use magic.  I didn't found out what make them leave the village, neither have ran into any of my family nor childhood friends. I haven't heard of their fate either.

Thought I really missed my family I could always rely on my mistress. She was a very beautiful elf as well in her appearance as in her spirit. She had a lot of suitors, but she chose her lovers very well. She was always with men and elf of some importance. Although she never spoke to me about them, the gifts she received from them are proof of their noble origins. I got to see some of them, but I didn't recognize them. Noble people has no interests on apprentices like me. Besides, my mistress always told me to kept as far as I could from the politics. I still don't get it. I have always like to learn about politics and the magicians council. I like to learn and  attend some reunions with the magicians high council... But Shaina always told me to focus on my study, that all I need to know will be revealed when the times comes. I trust her so I didn't argued with her about that, so I kept relations with nobles and politicians to assigned tasks (very few tasks)

I noticed Shaina had a very special relationship with a wizard from the north lands pass the sea. He lives in a big city. I didn't actually meet him, but I know he is related to Dinwald noble family. I think he is the person she truly loved. I can assure it. Now I remember, he came by the days before I took off to seek Sinn Weißs. They were arguing for almost two days. The afternoon she told me she would be leaving next morning she looked upset and somehow worried... maybe even scared. I really wished she had told me more.