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August 2007

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I can't remember most of my childhood. I remember I grew up in a village inhabited by elfs, most of them from the same family. They were great figthers, rangers and paladins, all of them served King Abner. Every member of the family was trained to fight. But somehow I was different.

I prefer to use a bow and arrow to fight rather than a sword. I also like nature and the mystical power in the world. I always admire other elf who could use the power of themselves instead of weapons.

One day, one of this elf took me with her to teach me how to use magic. My parents have no objections. I haven't seen my family since.

My mentor Shaina has been my confident. She is single, but I know of some man who loves her. I also knows she has lovers. She has never tell me who he is. I suspect he is from a distant kingdom, a magician. I think they had a disagreement lately. She was contemplative and muttering to herself about hurting living creatures with magic was wrong. Magic is to protect not to destroy. She has always tell me that.

I remember years ago she ask for an ukulele. I have never seen the instrument. I think it was a gift to someone she cares about since she helped the craftsman to make the little guitar. I hope the one who received it knows how to use it... and when.