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August 2007



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Aug. 14th, 2007

Day 2

Today I'm blue. I still can't understand how the sun can rise after yesterdays events. I'm tired. Tordek found three potions within the remains of the carriage and the bodies. I intend to identify the potions or they will have no use.

Tordek is a bit absent he knew my mistress from somewhere, I haven't ask him yet, neither I want to know yet. Dorian has been singing all day, trying to easy us all. I think he doesn't understand the pain of losing some one you love and is very close to you. Shaina didn't raised me from start, but she was my best friend and confident. She told me we would find out  what happened to my town. And above all I don't know what to do whit this plant... SinnWeiss. I don't recall her mentioning the plant before. She wrote the name and show me a drawing. But she asked me to memorized it. SinnWeiss...

Batousai is strange, he keeps aside of others and only has contact with Tordek. He's too affected by Shaina's death. The only one that seems not so affected is Vadania. She feels nature has been broken and she's concerned about that.

The day has come to an end, I have successfully Identified the potions. These are healing potions.  I have the felling we're gonna need those.

Jul. 26th, 2007

Fawkes arrival

When I found out my village was deserted I felt very sad and abandon. I couldn't stay there, so I camped a little far from the village. My thoughts were with my family. My father was a skilled fighter as well as my older brother, who was a paladin. My sister was a rogue, she was very cleaver and cunning. The one I'm worried the most is my little brother. Hope all of my family is at safe.

Before I took off to go back to my mistress home I went to take a last view of the village. There in the ruins I saw the most oddly thing, a cat. It was odd because my people didn't like cats at all. They didn't despite them, but they prefer cats to be away of the village. The cat was there, scared and obviously starving. I gave him a bit of my food and he ate. He then curled on my lap, until it was time for me to get going. I sensed the cat was following me along the path. It was good for me to have company while saying good bye to my beloved village.

When I got back to home, I focused on training, specially on my archery. I was learning to shoot fire arrows and arrows with stones attached to them. Not everything came out as I intended, some times I felt useless. During my remained train years, I noticed cats were all around. I whenever I felt lonely or in need of a friend a cat came across my path and I remembered the abandon kitten on my village, He wouldn't let me bring him with me. Every few years a cat came to my bedroom and stay for a while, one or two days, some times an entirely week. There wasn't the same cat every time. Some times it was a siames cat, other it was a black cat or a golden tabby cat. It was a kitten or a fully grown up cat, even an elder. The cats keep visiting once a year, some times skip 5 years. Every time a cat was with me, I felt comforted. I could talk to them even if they couldn't answer back, I felt better just by having a kitten near. It was almost like talking to my brother or my mother.

All of the sudden the cats stop coming. It was eight years before I found a orange-red-caramel tabby cat kitten in a box outside magician school. I took it with me and keep it secret for two months, until my mistress found the kitten playing in the main hall. I beg her not to get rid of the cat. She said, 'if he is so special to you, you'll take care of him as he takes care of you'. I was happy, I didn't quite understand my mistress words, get to understand those words. I started dreaming of my cat, and seeing his whereabouts in my dreams. I also started to sense his feelings. After a while I started to sense his thoughts and feelings while I was awake. Recently I discover I could ask him to let me see or sense a little bit more, I can see what he's seeing and sense his feelings. I'm not quite good at interpreting his vision but we're starting to understand each other. Once Shaina told me something I starting to understand.  'You and Fawkes are connected, Fawkes is here to help you out. He only ask you to take care of him. Be careful because both can be hurt by each one injuries or lost'

I don't understand much, but I know I love my cat. He's my best friend

Jul. 18th, 2007

Fawkes arrival

I was 100 years old. For some reasons I respected animals and nature a little more than my family. I often asked my father if I could get a small pet as company for the times he and my oldest brothers were away. He refused every time I asked, he said animals were nasty creatures and useless in combat except for horses and other cargo beasts.

It was spring when my father and my brothers left, they were summoned by the king. I felt lonely for some time, the village was almost deserted since many men were out with my father. Maybe the lack of sound and movement make me notice it. It was hiding behind a barrel, visible only by its bright eyes. It was scared, or so I thought, he kept an eye on me all the time, like being told to do so. It was alone, the only one of its kind in the village, my people didn't exactly liked it. I called it, but it didn't come out. At the time I thought it was being cautious, I don't think so any more. I didn't want it to get noticed and therefore being hurt, so I left with intentions of coming back later on.

I got back near nightfall with food for it. It was gone. It wasn't anywhere near. I called it, -stupid, it didn't get close the first time- Hoping it will return, I left some food near the barrel and went back home. Next morning I saw it again, near my house. It was staring, like waiting for someone to go and get it. It was daylight and I could see it properly. It was a silver tabby cat, skinny, with its eyes fixed upon my house. It was a little older than a kitten, and now I could see, it was hurt. I went out and took it. I told my mother I will go to the forest to play. I took the cat to my "hidden" place, a cave visible from the watch tower.  I feed the cat, I now knew it was a he, I clean it up as for the injuries, I didn't know how, I just wished I could do something to heal him up. I started to pat him, he was warm, after a while its wounds healed.

Day after day I took care of him, we became friends. One day, I just called him, Fawkes and he was there, so it was his name, Fawkes. After a year or so, my father came back, I tried to be carefully but the guards have seen me with the cat. He said nothing. After my father returned, Fawkes started to be away for a while, but some times, while I was sleeping I could see what he was doing. After a while I could see even if I was awake. There were many years after that I learned how to ask Fawkes to show me his thoughts, emotions and what he was seeing. He has been with me since I was 100 years old, I wonder, how many years does cats live? He's definitely my best friend.

Jul. 9th, 2007


Once we arrived to Tree Hill town I remembered my own home town. It was a little far from the city in the middle of the forest. The houses were made mainly of wood and ropes, some were made of rocks. And daily clothes were very simple made of light brown and light green fabrics. I later learned that I got my skills from blood heritage. I suspects one of my mothers ancestors was magic handler. She never speaks of her family, she's not from the same village as my father.
I left when I was 320 years old. I intended to come back home often, however my duties keep me busy.  It was until 60 years after I could go to visit my family. When I got there I found out the village was abandon . The houses were very decayed it seems like the village was abandoned several hundred of years ago. I could sense magic there, I didn't need to use my abilities, but that was normal, since some of my relatives and friends could use magic.  I didn't found out what make them leave the village, neither have ran into any of my family nor childhood friends. I haven't heard of their fate either.

Thought I really missed my family I could always rely on my mistress. She was a very beautiful elf as well in her appearance as in her spirit. She had a lot of suitors, but she chose her lovers very well. She was always with men and elf of some importance. Although she never spoke to me about them, the gifts she received from them are proof of their noble origins. I got to see some of them, but I didn't recognize them. Noble people has no interests on apprentices like me. Besides, my mistress always told me to kept as far as I could from the politics. I still don't get it. I have always like to learn about politics and the magicians council. I like to learn and  attend some reunions with the magicians high council... But Shaina always told me to focus on my study, that all I need to know will be revealed when the times comes. I trust her so I didn't argued with her about that, so I kept relations with nobles and politicians to assigned tasks (very few tasks)

I noticed Shaina had a very special relationship with a wizard from the north lands pass the sea. He lives in a big city. I didn't actually meet him, but I know he is related to Dinwald noble family. I think he is the person she truly loved. I can assure it. Now I remember, he came by the days before I took off to seek Sinn Weißs. They were arguing for almost two days. The afternoon she told me she would be leaving next morning she looked upset and somehow worried... maybe even scared. I really wished she had told me more.


I can't remember most of my childhood. I remember I grew up in a village inhabited by elfs, most of them from the same family. They were great figthers, rangers and paladins, all of them served King Abner. Every member of the family was trained to fight. But somehow I was different.

I prefer to use a bow and arrow to fight rather than a sword. I also like nature and the mystical power in the world. I always admire other elf who could use the power of themselves instead of weapons.

One day, one of this elf took me with her to teach me how to use magic. My parents have no objections. I haven't seen my family since.

My mentor Shaina has been my confident. She is single, but I know of some man who loves her. I also knows she has lovers. She has never tell me who he is. I suspect he is from a distant kingdom, a magician. I think they had a disagreement lately. She was contemplative and muttering to herself about hurting living creatures with magic was wrong. Magic is to protect not to destroy. She has always tell me that.

I remember years ago she ask for an ukulele. I have never seen the instrument. I think it was a gift to someone she cares about since she helped the craftsman to make the little guitar. I hope the one who received it knows how to use it... and when.

Jun. 26th, 2007

Day 1

After introducing myself I got the plant I was looking for. It was given to me by a druid who lives on the forest, named Vadania, she was kind enough to lead me and the other three out of the forest. She also agreed to let me take the plant with me.

 Before we left, another elf (a warrior or something) came along and did some sign to the dwarf and the dwarf left immediately. The druid, the human, named Dorian, the warrior whose name is Batusai, and myself take off by noon.

 On the road we ran into an old man, injured and very weak. He died because of some sort of brewer someone gave to him. Before he died, he told me something quite odd.

 "The one that the prophecies says it was not suppose to arrive has come, he seeks the same as you"

He also say that this entity was in the east.

Valadia did something (i suspect she used an animal for this) and she told us there was a carriage and an injured horse towards north, following the road.  We took off to the direction she told us.

After walking some time, we sat to eat. Then some strangers (lizard folks) attacked us, after some confrontation they told us about some creatures (looking like humans or elfs) have been attacking them. Taking all kinds of creatures to their nest.  The nest was located somewhere in the east, the lizzard folks didn't went in that direction. They also mentioned that some other tribe of lizzard folks have attacked them, but this was regular since no all lizzard folks get along.

We decided to move forward and get as soon as possible to aid the travelers in the carriage. We was heading to the location when we ran into Tordek who was figthing against some individuals. The carriage was not burning and all horses were dead. Tordek managed to kill two of the individuals. There were other three enemies hidding in the trees, two at the right and one on the left. I was getting ready to defend myself when an acher hit Batousai and left him unconscious. Then a spellcaster make the ground to move, Dorian managed to jump out of the spell area, but Batousai got in the middle of it. Me and Dorian try to rescue Batousai in the end we managed to do it, giving me some time to attack the spellcaster. I managed to hurt him/her but it left.

All alive enemies escaped, after ensuring we were all fine. Tordek started to look for items and money among the corpses. Before he started Dorian ask for his attention, inside the carriage was a person lying on the floor. It was an elf, a female elf with royal clothes. I recognized her face. She was Shaina, my mistress, my mentor... I remember something... someone was to meet me on the road after I took the plant. She was there, I was suppose to be there... I get closer to her, she was in an odd position, she looked back attacked. She was a very powerful sorcerer and she was killed, some one cut her neck and inscribed runes on her body. I tried to hug her one last time, but when I touch her I felt cold in the hands and her body disappeared leaving a brown splash on the ground. I try to scream, buy no sound came out of my mouth, I just wanted to disappear, I have failed my mistress.



Character: Ielenia
Class: Sorcerer
Race: Elf

Age: 420

Cat familiar: Fawks 

I set off home to look for the plant my mistress needs to make some kind of potion. She was anxious about this.

The day before I left she told me about a trip she was going to make. This was odd, since she always let me know days before her departure. This time she told me a few hours before she left. This trip was very important and I wasn't suppose to know about this. She ask me to keep the secrete or someone will be in danger.

Five days after arriving at port I found the place where Sinn Weißs  grows.  A dwarf and a human wanted to destroy  a tree on the ground nearby  the  Sinn Weißs. The tree was actually the house for a druid.